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  • Tarsila-Hall-Paulo-Alves-Casacor-Miami-8 Tarsila Hall por Paulo Alves na CasaCor Miami

    Designer Paulo Alves homenageia Tarsila do Amaral na CASACOR Miami

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  • Paulo Alves projeta lounge do SPFW N44

    SPFW N44 – Amo Moda Amo Brasil

    O Calendário Oficial da Moda Brasileira – São Paulo Fashion Week, em sua edição N44, que acontece de 27 a 31 de agosto será…

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  • feira-parte-arte-contemporanea Feira Parte

    Feira PARTE chega à sexta edição em novo espaço

    A feira reunirá 43 galerias brasileiras e estrangeiras, debates, atividades culturais e projetos especiais dos coletivos de artistas Aluga-se e Coletivo2e1

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  • SPFW – Lounge VIP por Paulo Alves

    O arquiteto e designer Paulista Paulo Alves (50) completou 20 anos de carreira em 2014. Já a semana de moda do Brasil, o São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW), fez aniversário de duas décadas em Continue Reading

  • Designboom – Banqueta Descartes, Bistrô Rodésia e Mesa lateral Cerrado

    interactive bar stella artois designed by estudio guto requena
    all images courtesy of lufe


    estudio guto requena’s interactive ‘bar stella artois’ transcends aesthetics and invites guests into an immersive audiovisual experience that reflects on emotions, networks, narratives, personal and cultural history. conceived by requena and team, in collaboration with rita wu, dimitre limaluka brajovic, and eduzal, the work transforms a plain interior into a vast observatory of emotions.


    the space is largely defined by a mass projection 30 meters wide by 10 meters tall, that graphically displays a live-feed flux of hashtags trending on social media platforms. using computer software, tags representing the six basic human emotions — love, joy, surprise, anger, fear, sadness — are monitored and gathered, and then posted. by doing so, it’s possible to identify the days events using only data including short blurbs and images, but with the addition of a feeling or mood. as the continuous feed carries on, so does a soundtrack of generative music produced by an algorithm that adapts input from the posts


    internally, the bar’s design reveals the memory of its location; the remnants of previous expositions and events. walls and floor punctuated with holes and scars, faded and peeling wallpaper, exposed pipes, and unfinished surfaces bear the hard marks of time passing. in keeping with the history of the location, little was done to change and renovate the space — excluding obvious repairs and fixes. the bar is filled with curated furniture, functional objects, and prototypes celebrating brazilian contemporary design and art.


    ‘bar stella artois’ is a departure from the quickly disappearing ideals of conventional design. simply, the world doesn’t need another chair. by establishing meaningful and long last relationships between people, their environments, and the objects they hold dear, it’s possible to disrupt the status quo and extend the life of artifacts indefinitely. the planet needs to quit creating, and simply celebrate what’s already here; an idea estudio guto requena hopes to further in this work



    project info:


    total area: 320m2
    program: bar and lounge
    concept and project oversight: estudio guto requena
    estudio guto requena team: paula molinari, joana telles, patrícia giufrida, andré romitelli, martina brusius
    interactive installation: rita wu, luka brajovic, dimitre lima, eduzal
    consultingcauê waneck
    landscapingcamila opípari, rulian nociti
    curated designs bysergio rodrigues, percival lafer, lina bo bardi, jean gillon, zanini de zaninerodrigo almeidacarol gayneute chvaicerhugo sigaudnada se levaleo capotesuperlimãolucas nevespaulo alvesfetichemaurício arrudamonorodrigo kurhi, cristian grego, marko brajovic, guto requena
    curated artists: felipe morozini, kleber matheusrodrigo buenotec, ruben dario



    designboom has received this project from our ‘DIY submissions‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication. see more project submissions from our readers here.


    edited by: nick brink | designboom 



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